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White Portland Cement (Type-I) CEM I 52.5N

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Keep free from moisture

– Store in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place, away from moisture and excessive heat

Environmental precautions:

– Avoid splashing spills and runoff, and contact with soil, waterways, drains and sewers.


Decoration Works,Tiles & interlock,Artificial stone,GRC,Marbles Mortar,Grouting,Colored Plastering,Curbstone.


White Portland Cement (Type-I) CEM I 52.5N
أسمنت بورتلاندي أبيض النوع الأول
Characteristics Specification SASO 855/1994 Typical Range
Chemical Properties
Insoluble Residue % Max. 1.5 0.28
Loss on Ignition % Max. 4.0 1.4
Ferric Oxide % 0.22
Magnesium Oxide % Max.4 0.64
Total Alkalis Equivalent % Max. 0.6 0.16
Sulphur Trioxide % Max. 3 when C₃A>7 2.66
Lime Saturation Factor % 66 – 102 93
Tricalcium Silicate % Min. 42 Max. 67 57.38
Dicalcium Silicate % Min. 8 Max. 31 20.88
Tricalcium Aluminate Min. 5 Max.14 13.78
Physical Properties
Sp. Surface(Blaine),m2 /Kg. Min. 225 394
Setting Time: Initial Minutes Min. 45 91
Setting Time: Final Minutes Max.600 149
Whiteness % Min. 80 83.45
Luminance factor L*   91.3
Expansion(L.C) mm. 10.0 1.0
Compressive Strength (N/mm2 )
3 Days Min. 14.7 29.8
7 Days Min. 23.5 40.2
28 Days Min. 52.5 Min. 52.5 60.0
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