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Sulfate Resistant Portland Cement (Type V) 52.5N-SR3

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Product uses:

  1. Foundations exposed to sulphate compounds where the soil or groundwater contains a high sulphate content, a sulphate-resistant product
  2. Basements and underground structures
  3. Wastewater and water treatment plants
  4. Concrete structures where ordinary Portland cement or pozzolan is used under normal conditions
Sulfate Resistant Portland Cement (Type V) 52.5N-SR3
أسمنت بورتالندي مقاوم للكبريتات
Characteristics Specification SASO 855/1994 Typical Range
Chemical Properties
Insoluble Residue % Max. 1.5 0.16
Loss on Ignition % Max. 3.0 1.23
Ferric Oxide %   5.07
Magnesium Oxide % Max. 5.0 0.95
Total Alkalis Equivalent % Max. 0.6 0.36
Sulphur Trioxide % Max. 2.3 2.20
Lime Saturation Factor % 66 – 102 94.88
Tricalcium Silicate %    
Dicalcium Silicate %    
Tricalcium Aluminate Max. 5.0 (For ASTM & SASO), Max. 3.0
(For EN)
2C₃A+C₄AF Max.25 21.63
Physical Properties
Air Content Max. 12 9.5
Sp. Surface(Blaine),m2 /Kg. Min. 280 317
Setting Time: Initial Minutes Min. 45 149.0
Setting Time: Final Minutes Max.375 202
Expansion Auto Clave % 0.8 0.1
Compressive Strength MPa SASO  1914/2009
3 Days Min. 8 19.0
7 Days Min. 15 27.5
28 Days Min. 21 43.1
Compressive Strength MPa SASO  570/1994
3 Days Min 12 23.5
7 Days Min 22 33.0
28 Days Min 30 54.0
Our Sulfate Resistant Cement (SRC, Type V) is used primarily for concrete foundations where concrete is exposed to soil and groundwater with high sulfate content. In terms of demand, this is the second most demanded  product  in  the  kingdom.  Our  SRC  provides  greater  resistance  to  sulfate  attack  and  exhibits lower    heat    generation    without    compromising    on    strength.    Our    SRC    conforms    to    SASO-GSO 1914/2009(Type V), ASTM C-150M-2021(Type V), and BS EN 197-1:2011 CEM I 52.5N SR3. Special features
of  our  SRC:  High  Strength  which  is  comparable  to  OPC,  can  be  used  in  a  moist  environment,  and  high
resistance to sulfate attack due to the low content of gypsum.
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