Gree, Split AC 11,600 BTU, Cold


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The most important features of the product:

Brand: Gree
Type: Split wall air conditioner
Capacity: 11600 units
Polar 2020
Just cool
Freon 410
Energy saving
the color is white

A piece of art in your home
Gree air conditioners are characterized by an attractive design that suits all air conditioner users. It adds some decorative artistic touches to your home, with its elegant, streamlined shape, as if it were a masterpiece that adds a wonderful appearance to your home.
Safety for you and your family and energy saving
The gree split wall air conditioner, cold only, with a capacity of 11,600 units, is equipped with an automatic operation feature, which turns on automatically, after the return of a power outage, and the user can set a timer, to determine the duration of turning on and off the air conditioner.

The quality of the air filter, equipped with a dehumidification feature, helps give you healthy, safe, and purer air, and maintain the air conditioner permanently.

Complete temperature control
With the Gree split wall air conditioner, cold only, capacity of 11,600 units, enjoy controlling the temperature level inside your room with the air conditioner, as the air conditioner is installed according to the temperature level you want. You may want an extremely cold level or just beat the temperature.

The gree split wall air conditioner, cold only, with a capacity of 11,600 units, gives you a suitable degree of coolness, as it includes a compressor that works using specially designed rotating cylinders that rotate in opposite directions, and the air passes through them to come out at a higher pressure than before.

The air conditioner saves energy, does not leak water, and is easy to install and maintain.
Designed specifically for your comfort
The air conditioner has a quiet operation feature, as this feature does not emit any annoying sounds during the operation process, which leads to complete calm and comfort.

The air conditioner is manufactured with cooling technologies and materials that provide high durability, to operate with high efficiency for long periods.

The air conditioner has a high cooling capacity, and the maximum capacity is 11,600 units.

Gree split wall air conditioner, cold only, capacity of 11,600 units, energy saving, gives you pure cool air, distributed to all corners of your room, as it pumps air quickly and efficiently in all directions, in a moderate and wonderful manner, so that you can enjoy the air that has been cooled, and feel comfortable and completely calm. .

The air conditioner has low sound levels, thanks to the unique skew fan and compressor that eliminates unnecessary noise and allows for smooth and easy operation.

The Gree split wall air conditioner, cold only, capacity of 11,600 BTU, energy saving, helps you benefit from the utmost comfort in sleep, by automatically adjusting various functions with the push of a button.

Dimensions and weight:

Width: 81 cm
Height: 30 cm
Depth: 21 cm
Net weight: 70 kg
Gross weight: not available

Additional information
Weight 70 kg


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