Laurent model living room set, a modern design with a touch of elegance for your home


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Components and dimensions:

1. **TV table:**

– Height: 160 cm

– Depth: 39.7 cm

– Height: 66 cm

2. **Center coffee table:**

– Length: 60 cm

– Depth: 60 cm

– Height: 66 cm

3. **Side service table:**

– Length: 32.5 cm

– Depth: 39.7 cm

– Height: 66 cm

4. **Shelves:**

– Length: 60 cm

– Depth: 39.7 cm

– Height: 146.6 cm

### High quality and durable design:

– The set is made of **18mm thick MDF** wood with a high-quality melamine layer, ensuring easy cleaning and scratch resistance.

– Design enhances stability and durability, providing long life for furniture.

### Made in Saudi Arabia:

“This set expresses the pride of Saudi industry, as it combines modern design and high craftsmanship.”

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