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Water purification station for wells rest houses farms residential complexes and villas POE Nano


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Specifications that make it your perfect choice:

place of installation
on flat ground

Made in Korea

The number of purification stages
5 stages of water purification

The technique used
water entering (POE)

Model number

5 years

daily output
up to 24 tons/day

It can produce 24 tons per day at a rate of 1 ton per hour:

It adopts point of entry technology, which means the input water is purified by 75-80% without wasting (the incoming water comes out purified) and depends on the degree of purity of the source water and the customer’s need for the amount of purity (contact with Smartly) POE point of entry treatment systems are ideal systems for water treatment Which can provide clean and safe water to areas that face water supply problems that result from lack of water infrastructure or groundwater pollution and can be used in: schools, government offices, military camps, homes far from the city, farms, rest houses and residential complexes.

Appropriate installation locations

Point-of-entry water treatment system for groundwater purification where water supply weak areas and densely populated places far from urban cities. Water treatment system at the point of entry suitable for drinking livestock Some areas where the source water is contaminated due to the absence of a wastewater treatment system or treatment of agricultural and livestock wastewater.

Annual maintenance programme

It includes a visit every 6 months to check the device, clean it, change the filters and any spare parts that may have been consumed, along with the weight of the filters and pumping standards, and other things. We also have a team at the highest level of service and performance so that everything the device needs will be provided with accuracy and high quality and in a distinguished scientific and practical manner.

Integrated water filtration system
Learn more about the stages of water purification that it goes through through the developed desalination system, and its advanced ability to purify the water so that it becomes refreshing and drinkable.

The first stage
An automatic mesh filter with a backwash function so that it is reversed to the water flow to expel accumulated pollutants such as sand and other small materials from the water entering the device

The second phase:
Multimedia filter reduces iron and heavy metals.

third level:
A water softener works to remove water cloudiness by removing substances such as calcium and magnesium.

The fourth stage:
Nano-membrane filter remove viruses, organic particles and various germs.

level five:
UV filter removes pathogenic microorganisms.

All filters and tanks comply with international standards such as NSF and are certified and conform to Saudi specifications and conform to European CE and Australian Watermark standards.

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