Simfer oven, 60 cm, steel, grill, 9 functions


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Product features:

Steel knobs to control the oven
3-layer glass door
Chrome grille + tray
Sturdy aluminum handle
10 multiple oven functions
Clean the inside of the oven easily
2 upper and lower fans with trio function
Touch digital timer
Oven size 60 cm
Oven functions: baking, cooking, grilling with closed door
Additional features
Interior Lighting: It’s easy to watch your cake baking efficiently without having to open the oven door and expose it to heat
Extendable shelf rail: With the technology of extending the shelf arms, it is easier for you to reach the cooking tray securely
Timer: Controlling time gives you flexibility. You can set the beginning of the cooking time and go to prepare the rest of the recipe without worrying about the food burning
Complete and comprehensive safety when using
Rotating grill for cooking and roasting chicken that is crispy on the outside and moist on the inside

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