GU10 WIRE 2,00 SAR (Price Inc of VAT)
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Manhole Covers (12.5 Tons) 632,50 SAR862,50 SAR

Roll up doors of 3 meters high


2.070,00 SAR4.140,00 SAR

شحن سريع و آمن لجميع الطلبات

لجميع أنحاء المملكة


3.1 m
3.1 m
3.4 m
3.4 m
3.7 m
3.7 m
4.37 m
4.37 m
4.66 m
4.66 m
5.10 m
5.10 m

طرق الدفع المتاحة



  •          Australian door motor manufactured with advanced technology
  •         Zamil Motor  characterized by their design which takes the smallest possible space.
  •         The motor is characterized by minimal side space for the door roller and provides a distinctive side rebound
  •         The roll up door is made of polyester and silicon coated zinc to give flexibility, smoothness and shock resistance.
  •         Water Strip is made of high-quality rubber that acts as a carburetor against dust, insects and mice from passing down the door.
  •         Door paint is resistant to rust with available colors (white, beige or sugary)
  •         2 Stop Bottom to stop the movement of the door at a fixed height level made of reinforced aluminum
  •         Center-lock + Retiner Lock + Locking Bar to lock the door made of reinforced metal and treated plastic
  •        Brocket + Axel Pipe + Axel Clamp made of reinforced iron to stabilize the movement of the roller
  •         Distinctive Dram made of resistant fiber to bear the weight of the door with the number of excess door rolls.
  •         Receiver to open and lock the door manually installed on the walls with a distinctive color and easy to deal with.
  •         The door is equipped with 2 remote control in the form of an attractive medallion with a cover to protect the buttons + 3 keys to lock.


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