Laurent model living room set elegance and practicality in a unique design


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Kit components and dimensions:

1. **TV table:**

– Height: 160 cm

– Depth: 39.7 cm

– Height: 66 cm

2. **Shelves:**

– Length: 60 cm

– Depth: 39.7 cm

– Height: 146.6 cm

### Quality and durability:

– Made of **18 mm thick MDF** with a melamine layer to ensure quality and easy cleaning.

– The durable design provides stability and keeps the set looking new for many years.

### Made in Saudi Arabia:

This set reflects the pride of Saudi industry, while adhering to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

### Perfect for modern decor:

– This set suits different tastes and can be easily combined with other pieces in your room.

-The white design gives you the freedom to choose accessories and decorations to customize the look of your room.

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