Grundfos Water pump SCALA2 3-45/ 0.75 Horsepower + free Al Zamil cover PUMP GUARD


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  1. – Not just a pump but it is an integrated smart and developed pumping system because it contains a pressure tank, pressure controller, variable frequency drive VFD, control panel and non-return valve.
  2. – Starts and stops automatically when open and close the taps and no need to install any other device with it and it is preferable to install it after roof tank to increase the water pressure and to control it.
  3. – Gives constant pressure and the water does not decrease when opening multi taps together (maximum 8 taps at same time).
  4. – The ability to control the water pressure and adjust it at any time by just press button (from 1.5 bar to 4.5 bar)
  5. – The pump is self-priming and no need to refill the water and vent the air. No need to install foot valve at the suction pipe end which damage a lot because the pump has an internal non-return valve at the inlet.
  6. – Protection against dry running (Work without water)
  7. – The pump sound is very low and hardly heard (47 dB) .
  8. – A smart pump detect the failures, specify the failure reason and display it on the control panel.
  9. – Detect the leakage in the pipe network.
  10. – Stop automatically if constant operation (forget an open tap) for more than 30 minutes continuously.
  11. – The regular pumps are fixed speed and work at full speed at any operation but SCALA2 variable speed based on the demand that fulfill the maximum reduction of power consumption.
  12. – The degree of motor efficiency is the top globally (IE5) which reduce the power consumption.
  13. – Dual frequency 50/60 Hz and suitable to work in all gulf countries and middle east.
  14. – No need for any tools for installation (install and operation using hands only)
  15. – The suction and discharge ports are flexible and moves to all direction to fix the simple slope in pipes installation.
  16. – suitablefor villas only in case of installation above the underground tank.  
  17. 2 years warranty and hand work is free of charge after warranty
  18. Special offer : The warranty is 24 months when purchase from Al Zamil online store.
  19. Spare parts and service centers at Al Zamil main branches.
  20. Special promotion: Get PUMG GUARD free of charge when buy SCALA2 pump

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