GAVAZZI Italian fiber flooring mesh

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Product Description:

During the period chemical/physical reactions develop (especially in the first 28 days)
After casting to reach the highest possible bearing strength to bear the marble on which it is installed
Or ceramics, tiles, or plate nails, etc.


Easy to transport and in the form of a roll of 50 square meters
Easy to stretch and cut with a scalpel or scissors
Easy to store
It does not corrode and does not produce magnetic fields

GAVAZZI fiber netting

Strong value for bonding the casting as one piece to ensure no cracks or cracks
Manufactured using high-quality fiberglass technology, using Fiber Premium E-Glass ovens
Superior tensile strength of over 2300 Newtons per square centimeter
It is resistant to alkalis and salts and does not corrode
EU ETAG004 Accredited – View Certificate of Accreditation
Referenced and certified by European laboratories as a European approved product

Additional information
Weight 5 kg


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