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Compact developer with 5-stage touch screen with built-in faucet


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Product Description:

Ultra-precise digital touch technology
In order to enjoy easier and easier control, during which you will find a digital panel to remind you of the time to change the filter so that you never forget to change it, in addition to a sensor for water leakage and closing the device to know any emergency problems on the device, and a screen to show the status of the device (full – purified – needs water … etc.), and a screen TDS solutes to see how pure water you can get right now.

Filters are easy to install and clean automatically
Once you roll the filter with your hands, you can remove it and install it without any tools. It also has a feature to automatically wash the internal filters to maintain them, and to ensure their cleanliness, unlike other devices that accumulate dirt and dust on them. You can change the filter without closing the device using the “Filter Change” button.

And all of this does not exceed any space, unlike other devices that suffer from a large number of pipes, which contain more than one part (a tank connected to pipes for the filter device – the filter device and filters – pump – wires – pipes) and takes up 70% of the area under the washbasin. The device is from Smartly, as it is small in size and elegant in shape, so it is worth owning it.

Sleek and attractive aluminum body
It attracts attention with its elegant shape, color, and sturdy structure, and saves space, with its size (W24.5 x H39 x D39), with a NSF-compliant tank that holds up to 8 liters of purified water, and a built-in lockable faucet that rotates 100 degrees with an electronic water release button, and a water pump Electric, it is truly integrated in the full sense of the word as the tank, faucet and filters are all in one device.

Pure filters all day long
Do you ever imagine that a water purifier automatically cleans its internal filters to keep them from dirt and dust? There you are looking at it, thus saying goodbye to any pollution whatsoever even the internal filters in it.

Filter washing feature
Automatic washing of the first three filters and the membrane filter for two minutes when the device is installed for the first time.
When disconnecting the device and reconnecting it to the electricity source.
After changing the filters.
Automatic washing every time the device starts to purify the water, and when the purification is completed and the tank is filled.

Specifications that make it your perfect choice:

The technique used
Reverse Osmosis (RO)

daily output
up to 190 liters/day

Model number

The number of purification stages
5 stages of water desalination

Tank capacity
8 liters built into the device

W24.5 x D39 x H39 cm

Filter change times

water outlet
Built-in rotating spout

Made in Taiwan

place of installation
On the counter or table

a screen
Water purity percentage and buttons

5 years

Integrated water filtration system
Learn more about the stages of water purification that it goes through through the developed desalination system, and its advanced ability to purify the water so that it becomes refreshing and drinkable.

Anti-sediment filter and fine particles such as sand and mud

Reverse osmosis (RO) membrane to remove dissolved chemicals and harmful metals

Activated carbon filter to remove harmful chemical compounds and pesticides

A post carbon block filter removes harmful organic compounds and eliminates any residual contaminants in the water

Carbon block filter eliminates unpleasant taste and odor

All filters and tanks comply with international standards such as NSF and are certified and conform to Saudi specifications and conform to European CE and Australian Watermark standards.

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