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Automatic for residential water pumps PM TWIN

SKU: WS-WP-GP-00033

1.081,00 SAR (Price Inc of VAT)

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Engineers and pump experts recommend installing two pumps (one duty + one stand-by) to ensure that water will not cut out when the pump is out of service Start.

We are honored to offer the best and innovative solution to control, start and stop two pumps by one simple small device and easy to install and use.

The device exchange work between the two pumps automatically (The automatic change the duty pump between the two pumps at every start). This protects the pumps and prevents the block failure that occurs when a pump stops working for a long time.

No need to install a control panel with complicated design

Adjustable start pressure (From 1.5 to 5 Bar)

Cut off pressure at one Bar higher than the start pressure (This is to ensure that the water pressure in the network does not rise to high pressures, which may cause damage to old pipes or bidet sprayer.

Non return valve inside the automatic

Protect the pump against dry running

Automatic restart after dry running

Totally enclosed for protection against the rain water and dust with protection degree IP65

Works efficiently in high  ambient temperature up to 55 C and high humidity up to 98%   

Special offer: 2 years warranty including replacement (Limited time offer)

Spare parts and service centers at Al Zamil main branches

Made in Italy

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