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Alzamil Underground Tank Capacity 10,000 Ltr


9.660,00 SAR (Price Inc of VAT)

شحن سريع و آمن لجميع الطلبات

لجميع أنحاء المملكة


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طرق الدفع المتاحة



In our persistent endeavors to fulfill the needs of our customers according to the latest applied

sciences and through the efforts of our specialized engineers along with participation of

many international consultative companies, we have been distinguished by production of the

Underground (buried) tanks with giant capacities exceeding 100.000 liters.

Tank’s wall consists of 3 layers made up of High Density Polyethylene which confirms to the

regulations of the Food and Drug Administration FDA.

  1. Layer 1: Outer black layer gives the tank strength and hardness
  2. Layer 2: Foam layer provides thermal insulation to the tank
  3. Layer 3: Inner white smooth layer to prevent formation of Algae in the tank


Development of Al Zamil Company, for the first time globally fits the Saudi market

It consists of independent units with a capacity of 5,000 liters each unit. When they are assembled,

they form a giant capacity exceeding 100,000 liters.

  • The unique and effective design of this type of tanks ensures that there will be no liquid leakage in the future.
  • The units can be transferred to the installation site directly from the factory, and the company’s specialized technical team will assemble and install them at the site.
  • It is suitable for storing most types of liquids such as water or most chemical substances as

requested by the client.


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